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Kelp Sampler

An excellent gift for kelp lovers and foodies, this basket showcases a delicious array of sea vegetables, perfectly presented just for you! This gift contains one package of Kombu, Macro Kelp, Kelp Twists, the book, Exploring Kelp: The Kombu Story, and a hand-pressed seaweed card, all attractively packaged in a steamer basket.

Kelp Twist Jar

Enjoy these roasted Bull Kelp twists as a salty snack or an excellent addition to your Caesar!  Packaged in a re-sealable glass jar to maintain freshness.  If you are looking for a unique west coast gift, these twists will satisfy, and they are low in sodium and high in potassium!


Pacific Seaweeds

The revised and expanded Pacific Seaweeds. It replaces the original that, having sold more than 10,000 copies, was a double Canadian best seller. Our founder, Louis Druehl and colleague Bridgette Clarkston explore the vast seaweed flora on the Pacific shores of North America: their lives, roles, and unique qualities. Awards for Pacific Seaweeds: Honorable Mention, National Outdoor Book Awards, 2016.

Autographed by Louis Druehl, and listed at a special price for kelp enthusiasts.


Exploring Kelp: The Kombu Story

This book by Canadian Kelp Resources contains a Japanese comic focused on the benefits of eating kelp as they relate to age-associated diseases in addition to many recipes, and kelp facts. Signed by authors Louis Druehl and Rae Hopkins.


Cedar, Salmon and Weed

This novel explores the lives of fishermen, hippies, marine biologists, First Nations folk, and those who seek the end of the road places in a small British Columbia fishing village. This is our founder, Louis Druehl’s, first novel. Awards for Cedar, Salmon and Weed: Honourable Mention, Whistler Independent Book Awards, 2016.  

Order your autographed copy of Cedar, Salmon and Weed, marked at a special price for kelp enthusiasts.


The Kawai Scrolls

The Kawai Scrolls is a captivating read. The story follows the adventures of archeologist John Fox as he first navigates his way through the North Pacific and his scholastic mission in Japan. The early tone of the book is soft core Bukowski where Louis Druehl paints fabulous party scenes of life on a freighter. Ending on a touching note capturing the hopes and aspirations of the main characters and dreams of the Ainu, the reader is left charmed. This story continues in the style of Cedar, Salmon and Weed, the authors previous book,and is a must for anyone wishing to explore contemporary west coast literature.

Review by Michel LeBlond,Vancouver, Canada