meet our team


Louis Druehl Founder
Louis Druehl Ph.D., a recognized expert on kelp biology, with his wife, Rae Hopkins, has developed products and services unique to Canadian Kelp. He maintains the first commercial kelp farm in North America and continues producing kelp seed for kelp farmers and conservationists. Check out our blog for his kelp essays and Cedar, Salmon and Weed  for his first novel. His motto is "Find your Kelp."

What I DO for CKR

Louis knows kelp, inside and out! Consulting on kelp bed restoration and new platforms for kelp use are his specialty.  With kelp, the possibilities are endless!

Rae Hopkins Co-Founder
Rae brings 35 years of cooking expertise for athletic teams, restaurants, and marine stations to CKR. She and Louis met at Friday Harbor Laboratories and soon the Canadian Kelp product line blossomed. Rae's favorite Bamfield activities include yoga, gardening and creating in the kitchen. Not sure what to do with your kelp? Try one of Rae's recipes for some kelp inspiration! And if you have a recipe you want to share, contact Rae.

What I DO for CKR

From creating kelp dishes, accounting, ordering supplies, and harvesting, Rae does it all!  She keeps us running and always makes sure the kelp arrives on time!

Kate Rolheiser Laboratory Technician & Marketing Coordinator
Kate's dual role at CKR is supported by her intensive training at Vancouver Island University,  love of microalgae culture, and retail experience with Lush Cosmetics and Lululemon Athletica. Her love of all things algal began in 2008 when the textbook for one of her university courses was Louis' Pacific Seaweeds. When she is not at work, you can find her running on the beach, occasionally being distracted by a piece of kelp that has washed up on the tide. Everyday involves working with algae, and she wouldn't have it any other way.

What I DO for CKR

Kate’s main focus is to expand the Canadian Kelp brand.  She also helps out with harvesting and under Louis’ guidance has learned to cultivate Sugar Kelp for the CKR Kelp Farm.

Ken and Betty Bodaly Harvest and Processing Team
Our team of kelpers extraordinaire!  As owners and operators of Rocky Point Charters, they spend a lot of time out on the water, fishing or collecting kelp!  Their experience working on the sea and their knowledge of local waters is invaluable to CKR. They love the outdoors and everything Bamfield has to offer. If you are looking for the best fishing spot or a knowledgeable guide, they know where the bite is on.

What I DO for CKR

Ken and Betty work hard to bring you the best kelp in Barkley Sound.  During the harvest, drying and packaging process, Betty ensures that only the highest quality products reach your table.

Bob and Brady Support Team
A Canadian Kelp Resources team meeting is not complete without an appearance from Bob or Brady.  Brady specializes in helping Rae deliver the latest shipment of kelp to the post office.  We think he is just in it for the boat ride, but he assures us he is just trying to help out. And Bob, in his cat way, is not trying to trip you, just calling your attention to where you put your feet.

our philosophy


We strive to deliver you the highest quality kelp products, sustainably harvested from the clean, cold waters of Barkley Sound in the Pacific North West, an area with the world’s richest kelp flora that is free of industrial and urban pollutants.


Just kelp, and only kelp, no additives


The Canadian Kelp Resources team gratefully acknowledges that we are operating in the Huu-ay-aht First Nations traditional territory.

Louis Druehl is an expert in marine botany